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9/14/2017 Stevan Hicks This company has been amazingly fair and honest. They are my go to mechanics. If they can't do something, they tell you up front and have made great referrals.
9/8/2017 CROLYN Pope I have been using them for about a year now and have always been treated fairly and with respect. I have recommended them to friends and feel confident in doing so that they will be treated with the same wonderful service. Thanks for taking care of my car needs, fairly and honestly
7/13/2017 Holly O. I have had excellent work done on my car. I have brought my car in for small things like an oil change and new air filter to larger things - new tie rods. I know enough about cars to know that I have been given a fair price. They are honest. And their customer service is stellar! It's definitely a warm and inviting place to bring your vehicle. I highly recommend La Car Porte.
6/16/2017 Shirmel Hall I have NEVER been disappointed with the service received. Honest, well-done work, and professional service. I love La Car Porte! I and my family are customer's for life!
6/6/2017 Jay jones The Best I Can say is Run- The Reviews are FAKE! Their in house rated reviews DON'T fall for the OKEY-DOKEY!
Mr. Jones, The last time you were here was in 2011. We have switched management and owners since then. If there is anything we can help you with, please give me a call. Thank you - La Car Porte
5/25/2017 Charlene Spear very quick service. super friendly courtesy driver.
5/20/2017 Colleen LeGrand Always professional. Never any pressure and always feel like I was helped as asked. Will always recommend and return for service myself.
3/10/2017 Christal Kuehler Awesome and fast service!
2/18/2017 Chris Finlayson The The window motor on my wife's Mercedes Benz failed and when I took it in they said there would be no charge as it was under warranty I had forgotten that we had previously replaced that particular window motor just another example of great customer service
1/3/2017 Lori Parker The service personnel is always courteous and Trustworthy.
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